The Name

So I am a big nerd. Doctor Who is a favorite of both mine and Moms. The other day I was watching the episode with Ten and Rose where they meet the Queen and Rose is dressed in modern day clothes and is termed a wee naked lass. Ten calls her a timorous beastie. Apparently it is a line from a famous Scottish poem and is quite meaningful if you take the time to dissect it considering the relationship of the Doctor and Rose. I am not THAT much of nerd. As I listened I was, as I pretty much always am, thinking about my Mom’s tumor and so it sounded like ‘tumorous’ to me instead of timorous and I almost laughed out loud. It seemed a good description of me lately. I am a tumorous beastie. A beast for sure. I am grumpy and sad and depressed and god help anyone who has to be around me. And basically obsessed with the tumor. I have been trying to care about other things but…it just doesn’t seem to work. I told one of my best friends today I just want to scream at EVERYONE…yeah well what if you had a brain tumor? This works in some situations. For example if someone is complaining that they are fighting with a loved one you can say, yeah but what if you had a tumor? This will put things into perspective fast. However when you are in traffic and frustrated because you want to go faster, shouting at the cars in front of you, “yeah well what if you had a brain tumor”…it just doesn’t have the same zing. So…that is where the name comes from. It is a nod to my love of all things Doctor Who and to my obsessive crazy behavior these days. I know I am a tumorous beastie. That is actually why I felt the need to create a blog – so I could beast out a bit of this angst on the unsuspecting internet-verse. Also, quick note I did find that there is a fashion store that creates crazy furniture called timorous beastie and so the photo I am using in this post is from them…although they actually had nothing to do with my choice. They are still pretty freaking awesome.l


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