The Author

So I essentially want this to be an anonymous blog – though many of you may be friends that I sent this way. The big thing (I have already said this I know) is that I don’t feel my family, and especially my Mom needs to deal with my harsh feelings about her illness, so I am doing this away from her. So instead of telling you particularly WHO I am I decided to share an ‘about me’ I wrote recently:

I am the kind of geek that has only seen the re-boot episodes of Doctor Who, but that will fight you if you try to say that Christopher Eccleston is not important. I never read comics but adore comic book movies. I love everything British and/or Whedon and my patronus is Fox Mulder. My Hollywood crushes are JJ Abrams and Stephen Moffatt and if you don’t know who they are then yes I do judge you just a little bit. I am a librarian and a redhead, and it has never actually been proven – or disproven – that I am not in fact Batgirl.

You are free to take from that (^) what you will



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